Difference between Pfizer Viagra and Generic Viagra

  Before we could understand any differences between the real and the generic Viagra, it needs to truly understood if there any differences between the real drugs and the generic in general. First thing that you need be aware of would be the fact that pharmaceutical companies invent or manufacture a brand new drug, their company usually will file for the patent for their drug, which will allow the company to make the medication only exclusively for a certain amount of years. Only after that time other drug companies could then make and then market the very same drug. The drugs that would be made by the different company would be referred to as the generic drugs.

  There really is no difference to the real or the generic drug. Reason for this would be that the generics are meant to be exact bioequivalent of the brand name drug, the dosage is the same, the quality, the strength or even the performance. Even when they do not appear to look alike, the generic drug has the same exact active ingredient as the brand drug and still works in the same ways. The only disparity between the brand drug and the generic drug would be the price difference. The generic drug has a lower price then the brand drug. The reason would be after the drug patent would expire, the other drug manufacturers would be given the permission to make and then sell the drug at the reduced rates to increase the competition.

  People often do have the misconception of the generic drug being inferior to the brand drug, this is never the case. All of the pharmaceutical companies who are regulated by FDA go straight through the rigorous testing and the health standards, its not possible that the generic drug to be the substandard or the second rate. People can also believe that the brand drug and the generic drugs could have different names, that they really are different. Not true. The brand drugs are simply the first name that was given to the drugs, when the generic drug is normally known for its active ingredient. But remember that the generic drug are the same therapeutic equivalent as the brand drug, with this being said it means that the generic drug has to have the same components and the same effects on ones body as a brand or the real one does.

The Difference of Real Viagra and Generic Viagra

  You can see there is no difference between the generic Viagra and the real Viagra, except for when it would come to the fact of the cost. However it’s very important for you to note that the generic Viagra is to be considered illegal by FDA since the US patent has not yet expired.

  You can still be able to find many different sites that will sell the generic Viagra. You might ask yourself how could this be possible? The answer is that a generic Viagra would be produced in different countries, that would not follow the FDA regulations. The drug companies that make the Viagra does follow the proper health standards, their still not really regulated by any of the governmental agencies which make their quality dubious.
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